Workshop fun level: over the top  street photography workshops for beginners/enthusiasts cover of a 2 hour walk in prominent London locations, with an aim to sharpen your photography skills and develop your enthusiasm in photograph and much more. The workshop’s objectives are as follow:


- Uninterrupted session with optimal attention tailored to your learning and creative needs.


- Learning is based on the trialled and effective EMI model which will Educate, Motivate and Inspire you to progress to the next level.


- Methods and styles to approach street photography: unobstructive (search for Robert Doisneau), intrusive (search for Bruce Gilden); raw (search for Arthur Usher Fellig); fine art (search for André Kertész); geometric (search for Henri-Cartier Bresson); smart (search for Garry Winogrand); portrait (search for Steve McCurry); modern (search for Matthew Wylie); abstract (search for Saul Leiter).

- Understanding ethnography and the philosophy of urban culture within photo elicitation.


- Ethics, etiquette, privacy, perceptions and outline of street photography law.


- Technical camera aspects with manual mode (search Google for ‘exposure triangle’).


- Black & white versus colour in street photography.


- Speed and timing when on photographing on the streets.


- Build confidence to hold and use your camera in public.


- Pre-visualise a screen (search for Henri Cartier-Bresson’s “Decisive Moment”).


- Find a composition in your environment and build a narrative.


What and where to look for in your surrounding environment.


How to keep things simple and avoid cluttered shots.


Organically develop your own photography style.


Post processing photographs on Lightroom (note: this is a separate online module).