Duck hire

Mario and Luisa are runner ducks trained to pose as models. They will stay in one spot when instructed, allowed to be handled, and when in a good mood, they will sit, give their foot or stay still on their back. They are not shy and will not get scared with strong photography flashes and lights, although I limit the time and brightness to a minimum.


They are hired out for modelling, video clips, party’s, park walks or other fun events where me, their handler, along with my assistant, spent an hour with them at your premises. I’m DBS checked and the ducks are highly trained to interact safely with children. Please note, that the ducks’ welfare takes precedence and as such the time spent at your place (or park) may vary depending on their mood. Sometimes they like some people more than others… don’t we all ?


Mario and Luisa have featured in a short video clip supporting the main actors and in an other sceen they were roaming in the background. Its handy that they understand the 'stay' command and as such, it makes planning easier. Ofcourse, they have their days and sometimes they prefer to nibble the grass than pay attention. The good thing is that they dont go far and know they are part of the family.

Kids, adults & senior's duck handling

For children is a great opportunity to interact with the ducks and hear stories about their day-to-day life, learn a bit of basic duck anatomy, eating habits, health, behaviours, wild environment along with duck defences to outsmart predators. A good fun one hour!

For adults, ducks have a soothing effect that can turn any bad day into an emotional moment. We can take the ducks to the park for a walk and/or worm hunting which they enjoy a lot. A fun and rather cool hour out with an unusual, very smart pet.

Our duck hire service extends to senior people. The positive effects of animals have on senior people are well documented in medical journals. We are happy to visit a care home, hospice or private dwelling.    


Get in touch with Mario and Luisa for a friendly quote and booking. Mario tends to be online a bit too long with his duck friends, as seen on the photo, but he normally responds in good time.

See you soon,